Watchexperts was established by some of the most renowned watchmakers in Latvia. Our clients are from the Baltic States, Scandinavia, Russia, Germany and other countries of the world. We are watchmakers with 36 years of experience, internationally certified, professionals of our work, and can carry out a full range of repairs for clocks and watches of any level and degree of complexity. We are ready for any challenge. Due to the opportunities provided by the developments of the Internet and logistics, we are able to offer watch and clock repair and maintenance services to anyone. Watchexperts not only offers watch and clock maintenance and repair services, but also opportunities to buy new and second-hand clocks and watches. We do valuations of clocks and watches as well as offer to purchase your clock or watch.

Why Opt for Watchexperts?
Our professionalism can be seen in the work we have completed, and we always provide and guarantee a top-quality service for our clients. To maintain the clocks and watches of our clients in a top condition for a long time, Watchexperts follows the guidelines and documentation provided by the watch and clock manufacturers strictly, as any deviation will shorten the clock or watch service life. We do not run a shop which requires administrative costs or an enormous team, and, therefore, we are able to offer clocks and watches at more favourable prices than other large vendors, and, what is more, our pricing policy is based on the current market prices of watches and clocks.

Our Work
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Watch and clock repair services cover a wide range of work, from simple diagnostics to complete restoration of watches and clocks.

Battery Replacement
The battery replacement service includes cleaning the body and glass of the watch or clock as well as lubricating the silicon rubber gasket to assure sealing. When replacing a battery, we also check the seal of the watch and provide advice. A 2-year guarantee is provided for the battery replacement service.

Ultrasonic Cleaning
With time, the metal body and metal strap of any wrist watch requires ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasound assures particularly deep cleaning of dirt from the body and metal strap parts to improve the appearance of the watch considerably. Ultrasonic cleaning of a wrist watch should be carried out once a year.

Making of Parts
To save the time and money of our clients, we offer to order and make various parts for clocks and watches. The team of Watchexperts has already made parts for Rolex, Audemars Pigeut, Hublot, Patek Phillipe, Panerai, Vacheron Constantin, Zenit, Ulysse Nardin, IWC clocks and watches and many other brands. We offer to make all types of parts, from pinions to watch glasses. We also offer genuine parts from the manufacturer in case they can be ordered.

Glass Replacement Service
Watchexperts offers a wide range of genuine watch glasses from the manufacturers, and we also specialise in making individually ordered glasses. Glasses of any shape (square, rectangular, elliptical, heart-shaped and other shapes) can be made as necessary. The glass is set into the body using a special ultraviolet glue, which is translucent and practically invisible, and guarantees a good seal.

Water-tightness Testing
All watches require regular maintenance, particularly water-resistant ones, as the watch gasket will lose its strength and sealing properties over time.
We can test the water-tightness of your watch, that is, whether your watch is properly sealed. The water-resistance test is done using a special system.

Body Restoration Services
The restoration of a clock or watch requires not only profound knowledge of its structure, but also expertise in materials, chemistry and physics. The professionals of Watchexperts have a 20-year experience in restoring clock and watch bodies. Body restoration includes polishing, rhodium-plating, metal build-up by laser or resistance soldering, and the making of parts. Our professionals use advanced and quality equipment to guarantee high-level restoration.
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We offer diagnostic testing for your clock or watch with advanced Swiss systems, which are able to determine the potential length of service of your watch or clock, with a printout from the professional Elma Watch-matic 3 system which is accredited, certified, and recognised by representatives of all clocks or watches.

Our service facility uses equipment sourced from the leading equipment manufacturers in Switzerland. This guarantees high-level quality of service. Watchexperts is the official representative of Bergeon in the Baltic States.

Experience and Certificates
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We shall help you find the best watch strap.

Sell your Watch/Clock
Please complete the application form, and we shall get in touch with you within 2 business days to offer the best solution. We also offer a new clock or watch with the old one serving as the first instalment. Please specify the make (model) and provide as much detail as possible. A photo is recommended for you to receive the best offer.

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